November 21, 2017

SEO Tools & Tricks

If you don’t know what SEO is then you are probably at the right place. This is a primer on some of the many ways to use Search Engine Optimization to build website traffic and ultimately be able to monetize that money.

Most websites start out being on a topic we enjoy, it could be a blog, an e-commerce site, or a one page sales site. No matter what they start as they all need one thing to be successful. That would be visitors. You could build the best site on the planet and if nobody knew about it, it would be almost as popular as a turd on your shoe.

So how do you get people to come to your site? Do you have to pay to get traffic, can someone be paid to do all this SEO stuff for you, or will you buy some magic software that will guarantee you number one placement in Google, Yahoo or Bing. The answer to all of those is yes you can do all of those, but no you don’t have too and even no as they often are just their to take you hard earned money.

If you learn some of the basics of SEO a lot of this can be done by yourself for free. If you are adept at it and really take the time to become proficient at it you will probably find the keys to the kingdom along the way.

So where do you start? I just knew you were thinking that. You have a website but you aren’t seeing any traffic and you are getting discouraged. Don’t feel bad, there are a hundred million website owners doing that very same thing at this very moment. We all had to start with nothing and then we learned and eventually succeeded or gave up. I am hoping you’ll do the first not the second.

So before we get into SEO you have to understand it isn’t an exact science, there are thousand of variables that come into play. That doesn’t mean you have to learn all of them but just know it’s not an exact science. Do the things that are important and you will see some success.

This article is going to be one of many as I don’t think I could ever cover all of the seo things you need to know in one post. So when you are done with this one go on to the next.

Let’s start with the main players in SEO. There are the major search engines and directories. Your goal is to get ranked in them under a wide range of keyword searches. So many people want to start at the top and compete for that traffic. I can say for the most part you need to give up on that now. Until you are a major player in the field or have good money to spend you are unlikely to end up #1 in any search engine under a popular term.

All in all that’s okay because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of keywords out there. Take one simple like Fishing, you could pay to rank on that word and probable spend 5 figures a month to be there. But is that worth it? Is the ROI on that going to pay your bills? Probably not. But what if you had a fishing charter site. Maybe you could rank under fishing charters. Your probability is going to go up but not the ROI. Take for instance a Charter Service in San Diego. If you were looking for charter fishing and didn’t have a destination in mind, maybe seeing an ad for a charter boat in San Diego would be good. But what if you don’t want to go to San Diege, guess what they aren’t going to click on your link.

So what you need to do is determine your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? If someone were in Bing searching for charter fishing in San Diego and you came up you’d have a good shot at converting that search into a sale. So think like you customers. What would they search for to find you?

Avoid one scam that I have seen a 1,000 times. Someone builds a website with a defined name like “San Francisco Custom Internet Marketing” and their domain is SanFranciscoCustomInternetMarketing. They tell you as proof they can get you as a #1 placement to go search for San Francisco Custom Internet Marketing and presto they are number one. We’ll DUH!!! You searched for an exact phrase that also matches their domain name and no one else is competing for. That doesn’t mean they are good, it means you are stupid if you fall for it.

Remember you have to do some of the work here if you don’t want to pay someone to do SEO for you. Take some time to see what your competitors are doing, do some searches you think one of your customers might use and then use some tools to help refine what you learned into an SEO plan.

Let’s save that for the next lesson…..

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